Professional Behavioral Assessment

Why Select Us?

True Partnership

We work with management to analyze the requirements and write behaviorally based job descriptions. We perform the search ourselves and deal directly with the hiring manager.


We evaluate individuals and review client objectives early on to be sure we are all in agreement. We perform extensive in-depth interviews, Professional Behavioral Assessment (PBA's) with each candidate that expose strengths and weaknesses, and conduct reference checks prior to submission for review.

Highest Standards

We base our relationships on mutual trust and respect. We believe in personal, responsive service, candid communications and absolute confidentiality for both clients and candidates.

Reputation for Excellence

We are professional in all dealings with both the client and candidates we represent. We submit only "A" player candidates to meet your goals.

Broad Experience

The Human Factor is widely recognized for our work over the last decade in the following industries and functions:

  • Printing, Publishing, Paper or Allied Products
  • Information Technology:
    • Executive Level (CIO, CTO, CISO)
    • Security
    • Sales
    • Network Engineers
    • Software Engineers
    • Project Managers
    • Biometrics
  • Financial Services:
    • Executive Level (CFO, COO, VP)
    • Asset Based Lending
    • Corporate Finance/Investment Banking
  • Engineering Technologies:
    • Energy Industry (CEO, VP, DIRECTOR)
    • Civil Engineering (Structural, Environmental)
    • Architectural Engineers
    • Project Managers/Engineers
    • Construction Managers